You will read more about it in the next Newsletter and hear plenty more details in the coming months, but it is good to get this news out there sooner so everyone can plan accordingly.

The 2022 MOUG Annual Meeting will once again be entirely virtual.

We are tentatively scheduling the meeting for February 7-8, 2022. Details forthcoming.

This time, it will NOT be free of charge. That was a distinguished, once-in-a-lifetime privilege to provide our content to a greater audience. But, there is no such thing as a “free meeting.” There are background costs involved, and though MOUG is financially healthy at the moment, we did carry out the 2021 meeting at a loss without any income. Know that your Executive Board will still be working diligently to keep the registration cost as low as possible. Details also forthcoming.

For those of you who will be in attendance at the MLA meeting in Salt Lake City, we will offer some informal social things in the name of MOUG to maintain that familiar sense of community. And, of course, many of you will already be involved together in a variety of sessions and meetings throughout that time. 

We do hope to see as many of your as possible at the virtual meeting, and please let us know if you have any questions!

Michelle HahnChair, MOUG

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