Current Committee Membership

Nominating Committee

  • Rebecca Belford, Chair
  • Kenneth Kauffman
  • Michelle Hahn (MOUG Vice Chair)

Program Committee

  • Rahni Kennedy, Chair (MOUG CEC)
  • Clara Burns
  • Enrique “Ricky” Caboverde
  • Matthew Ertz, ex officio (Reference, Discovery and Collection Committee representative)
  • Daniel Ray
  • Alan Ringwood, ex officio (MOUG Chair)

Reference, Discovery and Collection Committee

  • Monica Figueroa, Chair
  • Matt Ertz
  • Heather Fisher
  • Marty Jenkins
  • Suzanne Lovejoy
  • Nara Newcomer
  • Emily Vickers
  • Jay Holloway
  • Bridget Dauer

For previous committee and taskforce membership, please see the Committee History.