Michelle Hahn (Indiana University Bloomington) has been selected as the first-ever MOUG Social Media Coordinator. Michelle is well-known to the membership as our most recent past Continuing Education Coordinator. Her knowledge of our organization and its work will surely combine with her amazing skill at wrangling content that she has demonstrated as MLA Newsletter Editor.

Michelle begins her initial term immediately and will be serving the MOUG Board as part of the publicity team, which includes Past-Chair Bruce Evans and Web Editor Anna Alfeld LoPrete. She will also assist in the Board’s preparations for the upcoming meeting in Orlando. She will serve an initial truncated term until summer 2017, and will be eligible for reappointment on an annual basis in accordance with the terms of the position.

Michelle has already asked that the membership please contact her with any ideas for content, social media platforms (MOUG currently participates in Facebook and Twitter) and strategies for broadcasting MOUG’s work to the rest of the world, and becoming ever more plugged in to the broader community. She can be reached at michellekhahn@gmail.com.