The MOUG Nominating Committee seeks nominations for the offices of Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect (a 4-year commitment), Treasurer-Elect (a 4-year commitment), and Reference, Discovery, and Collection Coordinator (a 2-year commitment). Terms of office will begin at the end of the MOUG annual meeting to be held February 28-March 1, 2023. Below are brief descriptions of each office, paraphrased from the MOUG Bylaws and MOUG Officer Handbook.

Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: The person in this position serves a total of 4 years: 1 year as Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, 2 years as Chair, and 1 year as Past Chair. The Vice-Chair/Chair Elect acts as chief executive officer in the event of the inability of the Chair to serve. As Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect and Past Chair, this person also assists with communication and website updating. As Chair, this position is responsible for the general supervision of MOUG.

Treasurer-Elect/Past Treasurer: The person in this position serves for 4 years: 1 year as Treasurer-Elect, 2 years as Treasurer, and 1 year as Past Treasurer. The Treasurer-Elect serves as understudy and assistant to the Treasurer, with the specific objectives of learning the Treasurer’s duties while Treasurer-Elect and acting while Past Treasurer as mentor and monitor to the Treasurer during the latter’s first full year of the Executive Board. The Treasurer acts as Membership Officer and is responsible for all financial accounts of MOUG and for maintaining accurate records of income, expenditures, and membership for submission to the MOUG Executive Board.

Reference, Discovery, and Collection Coordinator: The person in this position serves for 2 years. The Reference, Discovery, and Collection Coordinator investigates discovery, public, and collection service issues related to OCLC products and services and serves in an advisory capacity to OCLC regarding the suggestion of improvements, etc. to these products and services. The Reference, Discovery, and Collection Coordinator recruits members for and leads the Reference, Discovery, and Collection Committee.

If you would like to nominate someone (including yourself) for any of these offices, or if you would like more information, please e-mail one of the committee members. For full consideration, please submit nominations by Friday, Oct. 28, 2022. Nominations received after that date may also be considered.  Candidates for office must be individual members of MOUG in good standing at the time the ballot is distributed.

For more information about MOUG, please see Serving as an officer on the Executive Board is a wonderful and rewarding opportunity to more fully engage in MOUG’s activities. Thank you in advance for your willingness to contribute to the continued vitality of our organization!

MOUG Nominating Committee

Nara Newcomer, chair
Michelle Hahn, MOUG Board Representative
Jennifer Martin,