It may not seem like it, but streaming media have been with us for a while now. It has improved so much from when it began to emerge in the ‘90s! As streaming technologies continue to get better, we have ended up with an increasing assortment of content. Have your organizations dealt with some of the headaches of cataloging streaming media? Ever wondered what is the best way of describing resources such as Facebook live videos or a Spotify playlist? If so, OLAC and MOUG have a twitter chat for you. We are excited to announce our inaugural Twitter chat, “Cataloging Streaming Media,” on January 31st at 2 P.M. Eastern time. Jeannette Ho, Cataloging Librarian at Texas A&M University and chair of the task force that produced OLAC’s Best Practices for Cataloging Streaming Media Using RDA and MARC21 (@JeannetteHo2), and Kelley McGrath, Metadata Management Librarian at University of Oregon (@kelleym_2) and widely regarded cataloger extraordinaire, will be helping us in understanding the cataloging complexities of these resources.

If you would like to send us questions about cataloging streaming media, please send one of us a Direct Message on Twitter or email us: @OLACinc/ or @MusicOCLC/ We’ll make sure to include your burning questions during the chat. #OLAC/MOUG twitter chats will follow a similar format to other library chats (e.g. #libchat). We’ll tweet out questions starting with Q [number of question] (e.g. Q1, Q2, and Q3). Followers and our guest experts will tweet back their suggested answers using A [Number of Question] (e.g. A1, A2, and A3). Make sure to use the hashtag #OLACMOUG in all of your tweets during the chat.

We hope to see you there!    

Hayley Moreno, OLAC Outreach-Advocacy Coordinator
Michelle Hahn, MOUG Social Media Coordinator