Presentations from the MOUG 2015 Conference
Denver, Colorado
February 25-26, 2015


  • Music Genre and Medium of Performance Vocabularies Beth Iseminger, Harvard University; Kevin Kishimoto, University of Chicago; Nancy Lorimer, Stanford University; Casey Mullin, Stanford University; Thomas Pease, Library of Congress; Hermine Vermeij, University of California, Los Angeles; Janis Young, Library of Congress
  • Plenary Session:
    Utilizing Student Employees in the Cataloging Workflow

  • Questions and Answers: Reflections on My Time as a Student Cataloger, Colin Bitter, University of North Texas
  • Using Students to Assist with Cataloging at the University of Cincinnati, Paul Cauthen, University of Cincinnati
  • Using Students in Cataloging, Jean Harden, University of North Texas
  • MOUG Lightning Talks

  • Sneak Peek: Major Changes Coming to RDA, April 2015 Kathy Glennan, University of Maryland
  • When Art and Books Collide: What’s a Cataloger To Do? Kerri Baunach, University of Kentucky
  • Dating 78s: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Columbias Sophie Rondeau, Syracuse University; Jennifer Vaughan, Syracuse University
  • Creating Name Authorities for Historic Sound Recordings Sophie Rondeau, Syracuse University; Jennifer Vaughan, Syracuse University
  • Plenary Session:

    Recital Round-up: Wrangling Institutional Recordings in Texas

  • Baylor University Streaming Recital Recordings: Ready, Set…. Wait for it…. Chris Diamond, Baylor University
  • Recital Round-Up Michelle Hahn, Southern Methodist University
  • Recital Recordings at the University of Texas: How we got to streaming without screaming Alan Ringwood, University of Texas