Presentations from the MOUG 2016 Conference
Cincinnati, Ohio
March 1-2, 2016

Even Cataloging Sounds Better on Vinyl: Repurposing Metadata from to Catalog Sound Recordings at Michigan State University
— Joshua Barton (Michigan State University)
— Autumn Faulkner (Michigan State University)
— Devin Higgins (Michigan State University)
— Lucas Mak (Michigan State University)

Making Heads AND Tails of It: Contract Cataloging from Both Sides of the Process
— Jeannette Thompson (Tulane University)
— Lynne Jaffe (At Your Service: Library Contract Cataloging)

Approaching WorldCat Discovery: Early Responses from the Music Library Community
— Rebecca Belford (University at Buffalo)

Inventory Projects: An Opportunity for Catalog Enhancement
— Sarah Hess Cohen (Florida State University)

What MARCEdit Can Do For You
— Margaret Corby (Kansas State University)

A Rose by Any Other Name…A Basic WorldCat Lexicon for 2016
— Kirstin Dougan (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign)

Using OpenRefine in Digital Collections: The Spencer Sheet Music Project
— Bruce J. Evans (Baylor University)
— Kara Long (Baylor University)

Silo-Busting: Interoperability of Content Standards and Descriptive Frameworks
— Maristella Feustle (University of North Texas)

A Fresh Look at the Jim Henson Collection–Via RDA and Linked Data
— Kathy Glennan (University of Maryland)

A Hidden Collection of LPs: Cataloging with Connexion and MARCEdit
— Jean Harden (University of North Texas)

Tracing Tarrega’s Preludes for Guitar (introduction) Chart
— David Prochazka (University of Akron)

The Cataloging of Self-Published Items
— Nurhak Tuncer (City Colleges of Chicago’s Malcolm X College)
— Reed David (University of Alaska Anchorage)

It can’t be worse than the Rigler Deutsch Index: Transforming Historic Sound Recording Metadata at Syracuse’s Belfer Audio Archive
— Jennifer L. Vaughn (Syracuse University)

Cataloging Sound Recordings Defensively: “When to Input a New Record: in the Age of DDR”
— Jay Weitz (OCLC)