Presentations from the MOUG 2017 Conference
Orlando, Florida
February 21-22, 2017

Cataloging Scores in an Age of Print on Demand
— Anne Adams (Harvard University)
— Morris Levy (Northwestern University

The Cataloging of Self-Published Scores and Recordings
— Reed David (University of Alaska Anchorage)
— Nurhak Tuncer (City Colleges of Chicago)

Keeping Statistics in a Music Library Technical Services Department
— Anna LoPrete (Indiana University)
— Charles Peters (Indiana University)
— Michelle Hahn (Indiana University)

Useful Tools Lightning Talks

OLAC-MOUG Merger Survey
— Nara Newcomer (University of Missouri-Kansas City)
— Bruce Evans (Baylor University)

Cataloging Scores Defensively: “When to Input a New Record” in the Age of DDR
— Jay Weitz (OCLC)