Presentations from the MOUG 2018 Conference
Portland, Oregon
January 30-31, 2018

The Life-Changing Magic of OpenRefine: The Open-Source Art of Data Decluttering and Organization
— Maristella Feustle (University of North Texas)

Engaging in Small Data Rescue
— Anna Kijas (Boston College)

Acquiring New Music from Unconventional Sources: PDF Copies in the Library
— Chuck Peters (Indiana University)

21st Century Tools for 18th Century Scores and Imprints
— Barbara Strauss (Moravian Music Foundation)

College of Music Recordings at the University of North Texas
— Jean Harden (University of North Texas)

Merging a Vinyl Record Collection Digitally and Physically: New Opportunities for Teaching, Learning, and Research to Connect Academic Library Users
— Marc Stoeckle (University of Calgary Libraries and Cultural Resources)

A Metadata “Connexion” from Sharepoint to WorldCat
— Felicia Piscitelli (Texas A&M University)

DAHR to MARC: Leveraging Existing Discographic Data to Expedite Cataloging
— Jennifer Vaughn (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty)
— David Seubert (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Discovery Services Update
— Jay Holloway (OCLC)
— Nara Newcomer (University of Missouri-Kansas City)