Presentations from the MOUG 2019 Conference
St. Louis, Missouri
February 19-20, 2019

Better, Not Perfect: Cataloging and Data Manipulation Strategies for Improving OCLC Records for Licensed Digital Resources
— Jim Soe Nyun (University of California-San Diego)
— Kurt Hanselman (University of California-San Diego)

OCLC Music Toolkit
— Casey Mullin (Western Washington University)
— Gary Strawn (Northwestern University)

Bound for Glory: Cataloging Bound Sheet Music for the 21st Century
— Andrea Cawelti (Harvard University)
— Robert Cunningham (Boston Public Library)

The New RDA Toolkit: Everything Has Changed – or Has It?
— Kathy Glennan (University of Maryland)

An Evolutionary Legacy in A/V Arrangement
— Michelle Hahn (Indiana University)

Descriptive Music and Media Classification
— Madan Mohan (Forest School of Music)

WorldCat Interface Design: Behind the Scenes
— Jay Halloway (OCLC)
— Jay Weitz (OCLC)
— Nara Newcomer (University of Missouri-Kansas City)

Discovery Services Update
— Jay Halloway (OCLC)
— Nara Newcomer (University of Missouri-Kansas City)