Presentations from the MOUG 2020 Conference
Norfolk, Virginia
February 25-26, 2020

Quality of Linked Open Data: Absolute or Incidental
— Rebecca Dean (OCLC)

A Brief History of Music Cataloging and Classification at the Library of Congress
— Damian Iseminger (Library of Congress)

Harvested Quick and Dirty Records: Institutional Repository
— Nurhak Tuncer (Elizabeth City State University)

Secrets of the Save File: Using Connexion and Microsoft Access for Efficient Batch Cataloging Projects
— Rebecca French (James Madison University)

The Warehouse of Wonders: Gifts that Keep on… ‘Giving,” and Other Sordid Tales from the Backlog
— Kevin Kishimoto (Stanford University)
— Clare Spitzer (Stanford University)

Problems and Solutions in Hip-Hop Cataloging
— Laura Haynes (Binghamton University)

Providing Digital Access to PDF Scores: An Initial Workflow for Processing and Cataloging
— Linda Bagley (University of Colorado)

Urge to Merge: Adventures in WorldCat Duplicate Resolution
— Casey Mullin (Western Washington University)

My Data Is So (Open) Refined: Make Your Data the High-Class Kind
— Maristella Feustle (University of North Texas)

Batch Game: Processing a Large CD Gift Using UPCs and APIs
– Hermine Vermeij (UCLA)
— Callie Holmes (UCLA)
— Andy Kohler (UCLA)

Score Reclassification as a Site for Cataloging Instruction
— Alex Chisum

Implementing the Genre and Medium of Performance Algorithm in a Local Catalog
— Jeff Lyon (Brigham Young University)
— Greg Reeve (Brigham Young University)

Discovery Services Update
— Jay Holloway (OCLC)
— Monica Figueroa (UNC–Chapel Hill)