Over the last year, the OLAC and MOUG Boards have actively pondered merging the two organizations, as a follow-up to an idea presented at the 2014 joint OLAC-MOUG meeting. We have surveyed both memberships, held discussion at meetings of both organizations, discussed the results at both board meetings, and, finally, jointly produced a white paper.

We are now publicly distributing the white paper. Files with results of the Fall 2016 survey were previously posted in the OLAC-MOUG Merger Survey Results announcement.

As recommended in item 6 of the report, the MOUG and OLAC Boards have appointed a group to discuss the report via conference call and recommend a course of action. Those members are:

Nara Newcomer (MOUG Board)

Molly O’Brien (MOUG Board)

Alan Ringwood (MOUG Board)

Bruce Evans (OLAC Board)

Mary Huismann (OLAC Board)

Hayley Moreno (OLAC Board)

Autumn Faulkner (MOUG-OLAC Liaison)

The white paper is available as PDF here..