Greetings MOUG members,

After a substantial pandemic pause, efforts to record MOUG oral histories are back underway. I’m hosting three Zoom sessions this fall (9/27, 10/25, and 11/15) for recording oral history interviews. Would you like to share about your MOUG experience? Sign up here (all times in EDT).

Interviews will be 20ish minutes and can be as structured or informal as you wish. I’ll have questions prepared if we need them, but interviewees should feel free to set the pace, the topic, and so forth. If you wish to set up a group interview (i.e., you and a friend), that’s great too. Just include all participants’ names in the sign up. Once you’re signed up, you’ll get a confirmation from me with a Zoom link and some more details.

You may recall that I sent out an invitation for oral histories in January 2020 (such a hopeful time) that included information about recording and submitting your own interview. This is still an option as well! Use this link to get started.

I look forward to connecting with folks. I hope everyone has a safe and healthy fall semester!


Autumn Faulkner

MOUG/OLAC Liaison, MOUG Oral History project coordinator