Dear colleagues,

As stated in our bylaws, the Music OCLC Users Group (MOUG) welcomes all individuals and institutions with a professional interest in, and whose needs encompass, all OCLC systems and subsystems and their impact on music libraries, music materials, and music users. Events across the United States over the past several months have presented direct or indirect affronts to the ideals of diversity, equity, inclusivity and dignity of all persons. MOUG upholds the following:

·         We acknowledge and affirm the dignity of all persons.

·         We condemn all ideologies that would elevate one race or ethnicity at the expense of others.

·         As champions (and in many cases practitioners) of music and other creative arts, we celebrate what is good and beautiful in all nations and cultures.

·         We condemn violence and abusive behavior in the public sphere, while also recognizing the value of civil discourse among individuals of diverse perspectives.

Further, we stand in solidarity with our peer professional organizations, including the Music Library Association, as we all grapple with the ramifications of holding annual meetings and otherwise doing business in states whose governments have created hostile environments for persons of minority status.


The MOUG Executive Board