At the 2014 Joint OLAC/MOUG meeting in Kansas City, the OLAC and MOUG Boards had a meeting over dinner to discuss ways that our respective organizations could better collaborate with each other, to build on the ways in which we already do so. One of the more notable suggestions that came up for discussion was for MOUG and OLAC to formally merge. A key point behind this idea centers on an oft-quoted axiom “Everything is A/V now”, which attests to MOUG and OLAC’s similarities. Indeed, there is so much overlap between our two organizations that the idea of merging merits serious attention and discussion. Therefore, we now come to you, the membership of each respective organization, to invite your participation in this process.

This survey has been designed to get your input on the value of OLAC and MOUG if you are currently or have been a member of either organization at some point in your career. The survey also includes questions to gather opinions about whether merging the two organizations is worth investigating or other collaborations that could take place.

This survey will close on December 9.